So you have a PowerPoint presentation with a million objects. You have painstakingly placed each one exactly where you want it, and perhaps some of them are lined up for animating.

Aware that finding objects underneath other each other can be a pain, you try to make sure all your editing is done on one shape or image, before laying a new one on top. So it goes for a while. Then - the horror - you realise you need to go back and edit that first shape... but its buried! Surely the cursed PowerPoint will just laugh at your attempts to find it?

If you've been there, this is a great tip for you: The Selection and Visibility panel!

Go to the home tab in PowerPoint and look for the 'Find/Replace/Select box in the 'ribbon'. That select button has a drop down, and the Selection Pane option is the answer to your frustration. Clicking on this opens up said pane, et voila! All your objects in a neat list - with visibility buttons, re-ordering arrows and editable names! Go, fire up PowerPoint and check it out, if you didn't already know about it you might be insanely grateful.

Powerpoint selection panel

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