Animation, video & audio visual

Whether it be a 5 second web site ident or a high resolution corporate video, we can create compelling audio visual material for any media, event or marketing project, at really competitive rates.

Business presentations & motion graphics

Osis can help you to present your company, product or message in a variety of eye-catching formats. We can take your images, or source new media assets, and create a DVD slide show presentation to present to clients. We are experienced at designing multimedia presentations for all types of organisation, using both 2D and 3D visuals as appropriate. Incorporating 3D animations of products, demonstrating their functionality and features, we can create smooth and engaging motion graphics to enhance trade fair stands. Existing or newly created content can be encoded for delivery over the internet, allowing for economical re-use of assets.

Animation and video for business and education

We are experienced in producing educational, training and interpretive materials for schools and business professionals. Examples include safety training DVDs, medical procedure manuals, learning resource DVDs for schoolkids, visitor centre touchscreens and activities. We can help you to visualise your information in the best format for your audience, whether it be charts, animations of wildlife, or 3D product cutaways.

Animation for the web

At the moment there are several ways of putting animations on your web site, each with advantages and disadvantages. The main thing to keep in mind is whether your audience will be able to view your animation on the device and browser they are most likely to be using. Then there is the question of how suitable is the type of animation to your message.

iOS devices (iPad & iPhone) are currently unable to show Flash content. If this audience is important to you Flash is out of the equation. However there may be times when the subject requires the kind of interactivity and rich-media experience for which Flash is idea (such as training or education scenarios), and as alternative page content can still be offered, it may be reasonable to go ahead.

Click here to read more about animations for websites

HTML animations and interactivity

New browser standards are emerging which allow greater interaction and animation possibilities across browsers, without relying on Flash. In may instances simple sequences can be set up which deliver enough user interaction using HTML5, although these solutions can lack the smooth playback qualities of Flash.

We can advise and offer samples to illustrate the possibilities and limitations of HTML animation, if you are interested in finding out more please get in touch or click here to read more about HTML animations for websites.

Web Video

For animations not dependent on user input, the new HTML5 standards allow for video to be included on web pages without requiring any plugin. It is also possible to create 2 versions of a presentation, one interactive version in Flash and another video version which then are selected for playback depending on the browser's capabilities.

Our animation services include:

  • advertising banners
  • intro / home page animations
  • interactive graphics and maps
  • Flash games
  • presentations and product visualisations
  • Trade show graphics and animations
  • adverts and virals
  • Animated logos and Idents

We have very high demands at Hive and have to ensure that collaborators bring a high level of innovation to a project. Osis has worked on a number of short animations for Hive, usually on a tight budget and a condensed time frame and always delivered excellent work even within these constraints - I would not hesitate in recommending their services.
Kieran Delaney - Art Director, Hive Health

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