How to optimise for search engines

Many web design agencies will argue that the techniques of search engine optimisation are too complex to reveal, and it is true that there are 'hacks' and insider tricks that evolve amongst the SEO elite at an almost daily rate.

It is important to realise, however, that some of the best techniques for making a website easily visible to search engines boil down simply to how it is written - its copy.

A well written page which also follows some simple structural rules is more likely to get attention from the major search engines, especially as companies such as Google increasingly frown on bogus linking strategies and brute force approaches.

To write good copy for SEO purposes means looking at what your audience will be looking for, and how your content can be phrased so that it reflects as closely as possible the searchers' criteria.

Obviously, a new site launching a common product or service in a crowded market is going to find it hard to make immediate progress against established 'giants'. So it is a matter of looking at niches and untapped selling points, and exploiting these.

Careful linking strategies are still very important, and performing a market analysis to determine competition and available online partners and assets will play an important part in achieving visibility for your site.

Osis Design will advise on these and other approaches, such as analysing website stats, to help create your search engine optimisation strategy.

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