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An explainer video is a powerful way to tell your audience how your product or idea works. It doesn’t just explain your functionality though – it takes the viewer on a journey. From problem (or need) to solution, a good explainer video will involve the viewer in your journey. And at the end the viewer will know exactly how your product achieves its objectives, as well as feeling motivated to finding out more or going ahead and buying your solution.

A good explainer video does this by sophisticated use of graphics and script. These work together to create a highly informative and motivational message that resonates with the viewer.

As video becomes more and more prevalent on the web, it has become an increasingly important marketing tool for all types of business. To put it simply: viewers are more likely to buy after watching a product video.

An explainer video we created for Data Analytics company Evosys

Elements of an explainer video

The graphics in this type of video serve a variety of purposes:

  • To make your message memorable and interesting
  • To introduce your business visually and increase brand recognition
  • To position your business in terms of target market
  • To introduce excitement and dynamism into the presentation
  • To reinforce the tone of your script and message

The script also functions to establish your identity and tonality. However it’s primary purpose is to clearly and concisely present the key benefits of your proposal. A good explainer script should sound confident, trustworthy and credible.

A voice over artist will articulate your message in the most appropriate way for the target audience. On-screen text may be used as well as (or instead of) a voice over – especially on some delivery platforms where audio is not necessarily enabled by default (for example Facebook)

Planning your video

Planning an explainer video usually follows these steps (for more detail on these steps please click here to see our advice on planning business presentations):

  1. Define your objectives: what is your target audience and how do you want the video to influence them?
  2. Write the script: consider what you want to say.
  3. Decide on a presentation style: Serious? Humorous? Breezy? Authoritative?
  4. Create the storyboard: marry your script with graphics to create the video framework.
  5. Production: The animation and editing takes place, and the final video is delivered.

Osis video production

We have been designing business presentations for over 10 years, producing quality animations in all styles from technical to cartoon, including whiteboard, live presenter, 3D etc.

We help our clients find the best way to tell their story, using our experience to advise on message and delivery. It is important to get the best result from your budget as any mistakes will be costly, our philosophy is to maximise the budget for our clients so they not only get a fantastic, effective animation that will really impress their audience, but also to make sure that the work we do can be leveraged on as many different platforms and situations as possible. Our Explainer videos will get you noticed and will make sure you are remembered!

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