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An animated presentation can be an excellent way of engaging your audience.  Using an engaging and memorable style will help your audience remember you and your message long after they have moved on. And a unique animated presentation can really help differentiate your company from competitors.

We can design presentations in a huge variety of styles, from sketchy to slick, stick figure to 3D. We can discuss what might be appropriate for your audience and subject matter, if you have not yet decided on a look for your presentation.

We can either supply animations as standalone assets for your project (If you are considering starting your own project, click here for thoughts on how to plan a multimedia presentation), or provide the complete animated presentation including text, transitions, graphics and animations. Some examples of graphic styles are shown below:


Our approach

We will look at the type of information being presented, as well as factors such as the target audience, to determine the best graphical approach. We consider the branding and positioning of the company as it bears on the styles we might consider. We also work with logos and idents to create logo animations as part of the presentation. Click here to view some presentation samples.


When considering budget it is important to recognise that the type of graphics used in a project can have a very big impact on cost, in general custom built 3D animations may cost far more than sketchy or collage style treatments. However, this also depends on complexity - a number of very simple 3D objects may be quicker to animate than a detailed hand drawn scene requiring many individual frames.

Your budget will dictate what types of presentation are feasible - at the lower end will be slideshow type videos that rely on dynamic transitions, sounds and compelling copy to make their mark, as budget increases there becomes scope for illustrations, animated characters, 3D visualisations and live action filming. Broadly, the types are:

  • Slideshows - photographic based, simple transitions
  • 2D Motion graphics - custom 2D graphics and more complex transitions with animated elements. Styles would include cartoons, 'Whiteboard' animations and graphic explainer videos. Can include photography and 'green screen' presenter. May also include some 3D elements
  • 3D Motion graphics - primarily 3D with dynamic animations and stylised or realistic visuals
  • Film production - location filming, high quality presenter filming

At Osis we are always honest and upfront about costs, so you never need worry that your project will spiral out of budget. We advise on the best solution considering all factors and we always keep to the budget. Contact us to see how we can make the perfect presentation for you using the form opposite.

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