Website animations

We design and produce website animations - from animated charts and graphics to intros, cartoons and product animations. In addition to web animations we also  produce 3D enabled content, games and banner adverts.

Flash is dead - HTML5 animation to the rescue!

[embedit snippet="html-presentation-movie-1"]

Since the demise of Flash, animations and interactivity can now be authored using a mixture of modern browser capabilities. The banner above uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to create animation on the web page without needing any plugin. It is also possible using these technologies to include sophisticated interactivity that can really engage the user.

Interface animations

animated website icons

Adding dynamism to web site elements such as buttons, icons etc. can add a lot of character to a website. UI (user interface) animations can help convey an extra level of  professionalism and increase audience engagement. The animated icons above were designed and animated for a creative agency website.

Contact Osis for advice on the right technology to use for your situation. We will consider among other things your predicted audience and the type of information you are trying to convey. Whether using Flash for its interactive richness, HTML5 for cross browser support, or video formats for simply embedding video on to your website, we can help choose the right solution for you.

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