Examples of presentation animation

The slideshow below illustrates some of the styles of animation Osis have produced for business and product presentations. The examples show:

Types of presentation animation

As the samples above show, there can be a wide range of options when considering animation styles for your presentation. In terms of increasing budget (and simplicity) they can range from simple image and text transitions (fading in and out, sliding in and out of the frame etc.), to more complex motion graphics (dynamic text effects - bouncing, pulsing etc. - 'jointed' image animations such as paper cut-out techniques), all the way to complex rendered 3D scenes.

We have been producing presentations for over 10 years for a broad range of clients - from small technology start-ups to global agencies. Our experience means that we are able to design and supply nearly any type of style for any audience. Click here to view presentation samples»

Choosing animation styles and techniques

Choosing the appropriate technique will certainly depend on budget, as well as audience, type of information being conveyed, and presentation software/technology being used. PowerPoint based presentations can include pre-rendered video and even Flash animation but has certain issues with playing back this type of media consistently. Therefore with PowerPoint it is usually best to stick to the simpler forms of animation.

If more complex animations and transitions are desired we can build Flash files that will run on any computer and can incorporate any type of multimedia. These Flash based presentations can also have more intuitive menu systems. This can be important when the presenter needs to be able to access specific parts of the presentation without having to move through intervening slides.

We can discuss and provide samples of many different animation styles. We are happy to describe the pros and cons of the different options with respect to specific scenarios. Where appropriate we can supply mood boards showing suggested styles and techniques.

Why choose us

We have been designing presentation animations for over 10 years. Our animations are dynamic and professional, and communicate their messages stylishly and effectively. We have the experience to give excellent advice tailored to any situation. Our philosophy is to be clear and open about our fees and services - we  quote each job accurately before any work starts. When investing in animation you need to be sure it is going to be cost-effective and relevant - Osis can help you get the best results.


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