Presentation Examples

Our animated presentations are designed in a variety of styles to suit the content and audience. Where required we can use 3D animation, photography and live footage to add emphasis or detail. We can work from your script or write a compelling, effective storyboard from scratch.

These presentation samples show some of the styles of animation we have produced for our clients (click here to read how satisfied they were with the results).

We are happy to discuss ideas and options with you – use the form to get in touch: we can offer  friendly advice on how to make your presentation a standout success!

A marketing video for a technology company who have just launched their data analysis tool, our explainer movie includes 3D visualisations of the tool’s capabilities.

A product explainer video introducing a social media app called WatHQ, we used cartoon style graphics to present the app’s main features in an engaging way.

Produced for UltraMarine, the manufacturer of the “Ultra Anchor”, this video shows how their anchor performs in various situations.

Hague Print create software that allows banks to print individual chequebooks on demand and on the premises. Our animation introduces the benefits of the new service to the customer…

Produced for Hive in London to present their client’s healthcare information.

Ecco shop promotion – A short animation created to advertise the shoe company’s promotion. Featuring incredible morphing shoes!

A whiteboard style presentation for a construction agency. Advance wanted an animation for their website to present their services, we created the characters and used the whiteboard style to make the animation clear, fun and engaging for potential clients.

This animation was produced as a series of sequences which were embedded in an interactive healthcare presentation, as the viewer progressed through sets of multiple choice questions, the animation reflected the effect on the ‘paper’ patient of the users choices.

Company presentation

Produced for a visitor centre in Dorset, this animation tells the story of an Ichthyosaur – a Jurassic fish – and how it comes to light millions of years later as a fossil on the Dorset coast.

TTIP is a trade pact being negotiated between the US & the EU. This video discusses some of the issues around TTIP and why it needs to be opened to public scrutiny

A short animated presentation introducing the client’s services using a fictional company called ‘Pear’…