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We design and produce great looking, functional websites. Our web designs are tailored to each individual client's requirements: and can consist of anything from single landing pages to complex e-commerce sites. We offer various content management solutions for web sites that are easy and quick to update, including customised WordPress development.

We work closely with our clients to determine what goals are relevant to them. We work from there to specify a unique solution that will give the best result for the budget. We are clear and up-front about our fees and we offer excellent after-sales advice and support.

We have 10 years' experience building websites, for clients ranging from multinationals to SMEs and local Dorset businesses. Our approach to web design is to keep things as simple as possible for the client, offering friendly advice and cost-effective solutions that deliver results. Contact us now to see how Osis can build the site that's right for you.

Our sites can incorporate social networking features, customised feedback forms and all types of image galleries and other media. Our Dorset web design studio can produce website animations and dynamic content to create exciting showcases for products and services. We can design for web sites that need to work across browsers and devices. We can also offer friendly and helpful advice on search engine optimisation and web site promotion. Our sites have many Search Engine Optimisation features included in the price.

Our approach

It is important to decide what you actually need before working with a designer on your new website. Some questions we might ask include:

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • What do you want them to do on your website, and what do you want them to do/think after viewing your site (contact form, call, social)?
  • What ‘tone’ do you want to convey (serious, professional, sociable, friendly, cool, timeless, youthful etc. etc.)?
  • Will you want to edit and update content yourself, or is it more a case of once every couple of months you will want someone to edit it for you?
  • Do you want to add new sections and pages over time?
  • Will you be supplying all the copy or do you want assistance in producing it?
  • Do you have your own image assets or will we need to stock images – any brochures you have produced where you want to use the same images?
  • How important is Google search for getting visitors? Do you have budget for optimising your rankings beyond basic site optimisation?
  • Do you require any interactive (eg clickable maps, timelines etc) if so, what?
  • Do you want a very dynamic site (lots of sliding/animated elements) or a calmer, more static site – or some of both?
  • Are there any sites that you can use as examples of what you would like design wise?

We work with our clients to build up a picture of the web site's purpose and intended internet audience, so we can plan the best solution for the given time and budget. Web site development is best approached as a partnership as the client will know their business needs and expectations best. We always keep our costs and time-scales transparent and pride ourselves on working within a quoted budget and delivering on time.

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premium lifestyle website

Website for premium lifestyle brand - logo development, web design and animation

WordPress and Content management solutions

We are experienced in creating customised WordPress sites. The WordPress platform offers almost unlimited content management and blogging features. Combined with the dedicated hosting, and managed backup and security plans that we offer, our WordPress sites are reliable and secure. Our customers can relax knowing that their site is constantly monitored - any issues are spotted and sorted before they become problems. If you want a website you can update yourself, or need to convert an existing site to one you can manage, we can develop your site using WordPress or other Content Management System to put you in control. Read more about our content management solutions


We have built custom E-Commerce sites for small to medium businesses. Our E-Commerce solutions are extremely cost effective, wherever possible keeping development and software costs to a minimum. If you are starting out we can help you sell on-line cheaply and effectively, for a fraction of the cost charged by some agencies - we manage this by not selling overcomplicated solutions where simplicity works just as well. Contact us now to find out how we can help get your business selling online in no time at all!

Search engine optimisation

A website is worth nothing if it is invisible to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We will ensure that search engine optimisation is applied right from the start, by considering factors such as target market, keyword usage, tagging and page design. For a truly comprehensive campaign we would consult with the client on a wide range of options available. Read more about search engine optimisation here

Logical structure, clear navigation, engaging content

With knowledge of user experience and information architecture, we can help plan the development of a large site. Developing a logical structure helps your customers understand your message and find the information they need quickly.

Branding and corporate identity

Branding is an essential consideration for any organisation wanting to stand out. Osis Design has experience in translating existing brands to the web, re-branding existing sites, and creating brand assets such as logos and guidelines from scratch. We are careful to ensure that our client's corporate identity is presented professionally. Click here to read about our branding and logo design services

Website animation

We relish working on creative web projects involving interactivity and animation. When used appropriately it can add a great deal to the user experience.  Animation can help describe complex processes, illustrate concepts or add to the visitor engagement of the site. We can design interactive maps, charts, diagrams, product demos... in fact just about anything.

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