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At Osis Design we want to help our clients succeed on the internet. Happy customers and successful websites are the best referrals for our business that we could wish for. And we enjoy sharing in the success of our clients because we are proud of our work.

In order to gauge how well a website is performing it is necessary to establish what its purpose is. It is important to ask questions such as:

  • Is it important that my site reaches as wide an audience as possible
  • What audience am I aiming at, what will get their attention
  • What 'tone of voice' do I want to adopt
  • How important is it for me to reach back out to my audience
  • How important is accessibility
  • Will I need to update and modify my site frequently
  • Will I want to sell on my site now or at some time in the future
  • Do I have an established identity (logos, colours etc.)
  • Do I simply want a site to list my services and contact details

Questions like these help to inform our web design process, such as graphic design, accessibility, content management and technical complexity. Some projects require only a simple and inexpensive solution; others may involve website animations and other more dynamic technology.

We will discuss the factors and cost implications of different solutions. Our goal is to tailor websites to our clients' (and their customers') needs.

We maintain contact with our clients following the launch of the web site, offering support and guidance on how to continue getting the best performance and value from their site. We are known for our friendly and helpful service, which we believe is key to our successful relationship with our clients.

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Osis created the website of my dreams. Their diligent and enthusiastic nature was a pleasure to work with and foremost, in my case, was their grasp of client’s needs and aspirations, as well as their unique creativity. I highly recommend them to anyone who requires these qualities.
Peter Golding - FCSD, Inspirational Times

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