24th January 2018
Lovely HTML5 animation!

I just stumbled on a superb HTML5 animation today, gracing a lead generation minisite for InVision Studio. InVision is a UI (user interface) design tool currently in development, looking very similar to the Adobe effort I am currently using (Adobe XD). Its all about interactions and reactions, element animations and layouts, fluidity and responsiveness. So […]

3rd November 2017
Storyboarding with Storyboarder

I just found a great tool for any animators and budding film directors out there. It's called Storyboarder by Wonderunit, and its free. Wonderunit are committed to creating software that they would want to use themselves, without any of the bloat and shenanigans of big-player apps. As they are involved in making films themselves they knew […]

5th September 2017
Trade Show Presentation

We were asked to produce this company trade show presentation at very short notice. The client had just realised their existing video wasn't up to spec and would not look good on the supplied monitors, so they asked us to rebuild their sequence asap. We were given their existing assets in the form of a […]

25th August 2017
Soft Body Dynamics in After Effects

I have been playing around with a fantastic free After Effects plugin from Rainbox called DUIK . DUIK combines many amazing animation tools that make working in After Effects simpler, but their jewel in the crown is the suite of Inverse Kinematic tools (hence DUIK). DUIK allows the creation of bones and rigs which when […]

4th May 2017
GPS Logo and packaging design

Our client wanted 2 logos for their GPS tracking products. TrackBees and TracKids are produced by Saudi developers Evosys. Our simple, engaging logos and packaging designs were exactly what Evosys were looking for...  

6th June 2016
Use the YouTube description box!

There's a new post on the ReelSeo site that gives some good advice about video marketing on YouTube. What they are saying is that the description box can be a rich source of SEO goodness if used properly. Using well thought-out copy and including relevant links will bring benefits to your video marketing effort. It seems […]

25th January 2016
Music Animation

Shannon Ribbons created this new video for Coppe & The Program, as a side project for OffOnOne productions. The track features haunting vocals by Coppe with atmospheric production by Dij from The Program. Using imagery derived from his digital art, Shannon created suitably dark and portentous animation sequences using After Effects and Element 3D.

3rd August 2015
Presentation Animation for Wick Hill

We have just finished a new presentation animation. Our client wanted to showcase their achievements over the past year, for submission to an industry award panel. Rather than submitting their summary as a PDF, they asked us to take their document and refashion it as an animation. We used the new version of Element 3D on this project. […]

4th June 2015
3D Banner Visualisations

We created a couple of 3D visualisations for Viva Banners (see our website design here). They wanted to show their client how the concept would work on a particular site in London, so we mocked up the ideas in 3DSMax and composited them over photos of the site.

3rd April 2015
TTIP Animation

We teamed up with Dij (dijenator@gmail.com) to produce this motion graphics presentation about TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade Pact which until recently was being negotiated behind closed doors by the EU and US. We felt that we wanted to spread the words about this huge trade deal as its effects could be far reaching and […]

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