Healthcare Presentations on DVD

Healthcare Presentations

Osis have more than 10 years' experience designing healthcare presentations. We have produced CD-ROMs for healthcare professionals and animated graphics for use in patient support media. Osis have also produced animated videos explaining procedures or treatment options.

Healthcare DVDs

Our DVD for CPRO took best practice  guidelines and other treatment information, and presented them in a DVD (In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Prevention). We combined charts and graphics with clear step by step treatment instructions. We packaged the final presentation with a notes booklet. The package was distributed to health professionals dealing with resuscitation in hospitals. Using custom presentation software enabled us to structure and present information in exactly the way we wanted. We designed custom transitions and animations to be part of the natural flow of the presentation. Osis have a lot of experience in this field - use the form opposite to contact us if you are looking for someone to produce a state of the art healthcare DVD for you.

Healthcare Animations

animation and motion graphics

3D graphics created for interactive presentation - click to view animation

We have produced animated videos for several healthcare communications agencies. Ranging in styles from stylistic cartoon to 3D rendered graphics, our healthcare presentations focus on telling the story in the most appropriate way for the audience. Videos may be aimed at patient groups, where information about a specific condition or treatment is described. Others communicate with professionals who require more detailed information. We have incorporated footage of actors combined with 3D rendered backgrounds. Some healthcare presentations offered user feedback and interactive features allowing the viewer to interact with the presentation. In one our 'Paper to patient' animation we created a branching 'narrative' of 3D scenes which were displayed according to choices made by the viewer. In another example we gave the user quiz style screens which would trigger different parts of the presentation depending on answers given.

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