Presentation Samples

A sample of various animated presentations we have produced for our clients:


Hague Print create software that allows banks to print individual chequebooks on demand and on the premises. Our animation introduces the benefits of the new service to the customer…

Produced for UltraMarine, the manufacturer of the “Ultra Anchor”, this video shows how their anchor performs in various situations.

Made Closer is an e-commerce startup that aims to bring an ethical and sustainable focus to online shopping. We created this animation as a brief introduction to the ideas behind Made Closer and how it works.

This animation was produced as a series of sequences which were embedded in an interactive healthcare presentation, as the viewer progressed through sets of multiple choice questions, the animation reflected the effect on the ‘paper’ patient of the users answers, triggering either ‘impaired’ ‘no change’ or ‘improved’ well-being.

Company presentation

TTIP is a trade pact being negotiated between the US & the EU. This video discusses some of the issues around TTIP and why it needs to be opened to public scrutiny

A short animated presentation introducing the client’s services using a fictional company called ‘Pear’…