Website animations

We design and produce website animations – from animated charts and graphics to intros, cartoons and product animations. The animation above is an example of HTML5 animation, showing how effective current alternatives to Flash can be. In addition to website animations we also  produce 3D enabled content, games and banner adverts.

Flash animations – gone!

Flash animation has pretty much become a thing of the past – at least as far as the web is concerned. The dominance of Flash-phobic Apple products and mobile devices has resulted in its near total demise. Flash still has its uses in special cases where rich media and complex interaction is concerned, but, as HTML5 animation gains ever more sophisticated features, the gap is narrowing.

HTML5 animation to the rescue!

Tools are available to the designer which allow animations and interactivity to be authored with similar ease to the Flash authoring environment. In some cases simple animations produced with these tools can be fairly indistinguishable from Flash animations. Using a mixture of modern browser capabilities (HTML5) and established technologies (JavaScript), it is possible to include sophisticated interactivity.

In general, animations produced this way are not quite as optimised as comparable Flash animations. They usually have larger file sizes and longer download times. Also transitions and movement of graphic elements tend to be a little jerkier. As browser technology and applications are in constant development, new solutions are appearing all the time for addressing these various design challenges, and the drawbacks are becoming less.

Contact Osis for advice on the right technology to use for your situation. We will consider among other things your predicted audience and the type of information you are trying to convey. Whether using Flash for its interactive richness, HTML5 for cross browser support, or video formats for simply embedding video on to your website, we can help choose the right solution for you.