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Flash animations

Used carefully, Flash animation can enhance a website, creating engaging experiences for the visitor and encouraging them to stay longer on your site. However, inconsiderate use of Flash animation can be a turn-off: pages that are slow to load, confusing, processor-hungry being common problems that while adding nothing worthwhile to the experience can drive away your visitors. Despite these issues, Flash may still be appropriate in some cases, especially where it is supported by alternative content for viewers who cannot or do not want to enable Flash on their browsing device.

We always discuss the relative pros and cons of Flash content with our clients before committing to production. We ensure load times are as fast as possible, and the visual cohesiveness and functionality of the page is respected.

Our animations are designed to add to the user experience, making it richer and more compelling. From small animated emblems that add a touch of life to a page to full screen complex interactivity, our Flash projects are designed according to the client’s needs and budget. Click here for samples of our Flash presentations and animations»

interactive flash animation

Interactive seating plan for Ocean Bay Restaurant – clicking on a seat reveals the view from that location

Using Flash animation on his site has convinced the owner of Ocean Bay Restaurant of its benefits:

[blockquote author=’Bill Lightbown – Proprietor, Ocean Bay’]Osis Design offered to build an exciting, vibrant and informative website for my restaurant, and I have never looked back. I regularly get over 100 bookings a week coming from the website.[/blockquote] [/two_thirds]

OSIS services

Our animation services include:

  • advertising banners
  • intro / home page animations
  • interactive graphics and maps
  • Flash games
  • presentations and product visualisations
  • Trade show graphics and animations
  • adverts and virals
  • Animated logos and Idents

Click here to view animation samples

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