Animation, video & audio visual

Whether it be a 5 second ident in Flash or a full HD corporate video, we can supply you with compelling audio visual assets for any event or marketing project, at fully competitive rates.

Immersive multimedia for business and education

We are experienced in producing educational, training and interpretive resources for schools and professionals. Examples include safety training DVDs, medical procedure manuals on disk, learning resource CDs for schoolkids, visitor centre touchscreens and activities. We can help you to visualise your information in the best format for your audience, whether it be charts, animations of wildlife, or 3D product cutaways. Click the images below for examples on our portfolio page…

Business presentations & motion graphics

There are many ways in which Osis can assist you to present your company or message. We can take your images, or source new media assets, and create a DVD slide show presentation to present to clients. We are experienced at designing multimedia presentations for all types of organisation, using both 2D and 3D visuals as appropriate.

Incorporating 3D animated graphics of products, demonstrating their functionality and features, we can create stunning motion graphics to make trade fair presentations more compelling.

Existing or newly created content can be encoded for delivery over the internet, allowing for economical re-use of assets.

Animation for the web

At the moment there are several ways of putting animations on your web site, each with advantages and disadvantages. The main thing to keep in mind is whether your audience will be able to view your animation on the device and browser they are most likely to be using. Then there is the question of how suitable is the type of animation to your message.

iOS devices (iPad & iPhone) are currently unable to show Flash content. If this audience is important to you Flash is out of the equation. However there may be times when the subject requires the kind of interactivity and rich-media experience for which Flash is idea (such as training or education scenarios), and as alternative page content can still be offered, it may be reasonable to go ahead.

Click here to read more about animations for websites

HTML animations and interactivity

New browser standards are emerging which allow greater interaction and animation possibilities across browsers, without relying on Flash. In may instances simple sequences can be set up which deliver enough user interaction using HTML5, although these solutions can lack the smooth playback qualities of Flash.

We can advise and offer samples to illustrate the possibilities and limitations of HTML animation, if you are interested in finding out more please get in touch or click here to read more about HTML animations for websites.

Web Video

For animations not dependent on user input, the new HTML5 standards allow for video to be included on web pages without requiring any plugin. It is also possible to create 2 versions of a presentation, one interactive version in Flash and another video version which then are selected for playback depending on the browser’s capabilities.

Our animation services include:

  • advertising banners
  • intro / home page animations
  • interactive graphics and maps
  • Flash games
  • presentations and product visualisations
  • Trade show graphics and animations
  • adverts and virals
  • Animated logos and Idents

We have very high demands at Hive and have to ensure that collaborators bring a high level of innovation to a project. Osis has worked on a number of short animations for Hive, usually on a tight budget and a condensed time frame and always delivered excellent work even within these constraints – I would not hesitate in recommending their services.
Kieran Delaney – Art Director, Hive Health

  • This cute character animation has been under wraps for a looong time, finally Savvy Squirrel can scamper into the daylight! Designed and illustrated by Fathom in Bournemouth, this animation tells the story of an intrepid squirrel and his family inheritance... Produced for a wealth planning agency, its used on their website homepage to convey their message...
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  • We have just finished a little project for a client who runs a marketing agency. They wanted some nifty animated icons to go with their website section links. Here's what we produced:
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  •  Sysco asked Osis to produce a series of banner animations for their website. Due to budget constraints, and the requirement for several animations it was agreed that stock photography rather than video or 3D was used as the basis for the animations. Using After Effects to add visual effects we built a series of visually effective...
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  •  We have just finished this whiteboard video for Advance TM, a construction specific marketing company. Our brief was to create a fast-paced, quirky animation using whiteboard techniques, on a limited timescale and budget. The animation is used on their homepage to quickly explain their company to the viewer and encourage initial contact.  We are happy...
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  •  Our new animation for Evosys - presenting their Data Analytics software. Built in After Effects with some Element 3D.
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  • We have just produced an animated presentation for Mentfield. Mentfield contacted us to help them with an important pitch to a major client of theirs. They wanted to take something more dramatic than a powerpoint, so they asked us to design and produce this animated presentation - shown here is an edit omitting their client...
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  • Osis have produced another animated presentation for Evosys, this time introducing their social media app 'WatHIQ'. WatHIQ allows users to share and view video, notes and photo posts, filtered by time and location. Produced in After Effects using cartoon graphics to convey the playful and dynamic nature of the app.
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  • Music animation created for Coppe & The Program track '777'. Music by Coppe & The Program (Dij & Nico), animation by OffOnOne (Shannon Ribbons from Osis Design). visuals created in After Effects with large doses of Element 3D animation plugin.
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  • TTIP video by Off On One. Off On One is an offshoot of Osis Design with a slightly skewed focus on current issues. This video is an Off On One collaboration (featuring music by Dij) describing some of the issues around TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
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  • A short animated presentation introducing the client's services using a fictional company called 'Pear'. A little bit of 3D add some pizazz to the story...
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  • We created this video for London healthcare communications agency Hive. Combining live action, 3D and 2D graphics, our job was to composite, animate and render all the elements into an informative and engaging video communicating the nature and proprietary treatment of diabetes.
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  • This is one of a series of short animations we produced for Edifly. Used as part of their business presentation, we show using simple, clear graphics how their traffic control software interacts with existing systems. Click here to find out more about our Animated Presentations
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  • Made Closer aims to bring an ethical and sustainable focus to on-line shopping. Storyboarded and produced by Osis, we created this viral animation as a brief introduction to the ideas behind Made Closer and how it works. Our brief was to appeal to as wide a target group as possible, apart from that we had creative license as far as the...
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  • Hague Print create software that allows banks to print individual chequebooks on demand and on the premises. This is an important service for some countries where the alternative is a lots of waiting and travelling for customers needing an new chequebook. This animated presentation shows such a scenario while introducing to the customer the benefits of...
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  • One of several animations we created to promote a McAfee and Virgin partnership. We designed and produced this animation using Flash with some additional After Effects effects. This screensaver was displayed in airport terminals on Virgin staff computer screens. Flash animation For details about Osis' animation services click here
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  • We were asked by a manufacturer of nautical equipment to create an animation demonstrating the effectiveness of their high-tech anchor. Our video shows various situations in which the anchor excels portrayed in a realistic style, using 3D animation to clearly illustrate its performance in marine environments, as well as using simplified graphic sequences where a more schematic approach was...
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  • The Bankes Arms is a very popular destination for walkers and tourists in Dorset, and they wanted to show visitors the range of activities available locally. We created this interactive Flash map to give their 'local activities' page a little more interest. Click on the green buttons in the location panel or icons on the map for...
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  • We were asked to create a series of 3D animations to be used in an interactive healthcare animation. Each short sequence needed to dovetail with a number of connected sequences which would play according to user interaction. We were supplied with graphics and storyboards, which we then transferred to 3D to create the paper cut...
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  • This animation was produced for an art installation on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. Using locally sourced photographs, drawings and generated 2D and 3D graphics, this project shows that we can get pretty surreal when we want to... animation graphic design sound design
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  • A simple product animation - we created a 3D animation of this table showing its unique design. The client was eager to show the finish of the materials as realistically as possible so we focused on lighting and texture to get the look just right. 3D animation product animation
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