Business presentations

Let Osis design an amazing presentation for your business…

Our experience in presentation design allows us to interpret our clients’ ideas to produce stunning, professional videos and animations that resonate with their audience.

Adding character to presentations

In some cases a product or service could do with a little bit of personalisation, some added character, to lift what might otherwise be a dry or uninspiring story. Many products and services can appear uninteresting until a particular angle is brought to bear, perhaps by describing the concept from a particular person’s point of view, or showing how it has a wider impact.

This is where Osis can help, by designing animations in a variety of styles that give the story more personality. Cartoony, sketchy, atmospheric – we talk to the client about possible styles and treatments, often supplying sample images of our proposed treatment, so a suitable format can be agreed. When presenting to an audience it’s important to maintain interest in your story from start to finish – we help to make sure the audience is as excited and inspired by the presentation as the presenter by creating stimulating and engaging audio-visual content that really compliments the story.

Liven up data/info

There are many cases where an audience understands the ideas being offered to them, but without any visually stimulating content their attention wanders. A potential client may already be aware of a product’s purpose, but lose vital interest if the information describing its benefits is presented in a dull and uninspiring way. The media is increasingly saturated with ‘infographics’ – illustrated data – in a society that is already very visually sophisticated, and more of us expect information to be presented in a graphically pleasing manner.

Osis can add that spark of life to data-rich information, producing attractive visualisations and motion graphics to illustrate any scenario. We take care, however, to never drown out the message with strident visuals or overwrought animations. We recognise that the data is being presented for a reason not just as an excuse to show off. We have over 12 years experience in digitally presenting all types of information, for educational bodies as well as businesses, and are very happy to talk about possible options.

Showcasing products and services

You have created a wonderful new product, or are pitching a new business idea to potential investors. Perhaps you have wireframes, or concept sketches, but need something a little more polished to do them justice. You may have completed 2D graphics, but need to get away from static visuals and show something more dynamic.  Or maybe you simply want to develop something using your logo and some branding messages.

These are all examples of where Osis design can take your marketing assets to the next level. We can breathe life into abstract ideas and create amazing visual journeys for your product or service. We can take existing material and upgrade it – adding 3D graphics, slick illustrations, polished charts and infographics – and put it all into video or interactive media such as Flash or HTML. We are experts at showcasing products and services in all types of media and for all types of audience.

Web animation

Animation and video is rapidly becoming a must-have for many businesses on the web. There are many reasons why it is becoming so popular right now. High-speed broadband allows video to be shown instantly and at full quality on websites. Placing video on a webpage can make visitors stay on that page longer (‘stickiness’), which helps make the page rank higher for search engines and can provide a better experience overall for the visitor. And of course, if you already have produced a video about your business then using a version of it on your website makes perfect sense.

We have helped many clients present their services on the web, whether video and animations from scratch, or re-purposing existing material for web-delivery. We can also create interactive content using Flash or HTML which incorporates video, building true multimedia experiences for the viewer.

We don’t compromise on quality and our rates are reasonable: if you need a media partner you can trust to deliver professional, top quality presentations – get in touch with us now!


Multimedia Specialists

interactive flash movieOsis Design have been producing multimedia  for satisfied clients for over 10 years. We can help with all stages of preparing and producing effective presentations, click here for presentation planning tips.

Powerpoint graphics

Powerpoint presentations

We are experienced at taking Powerpoint presentations as templates and either customising the look and feel (adding bespoke graphics if required) or recreating the presentation as a Flash multimedia project. We can add animated graphs and sequences, 3D rendered objects, sound files, internet connectivity, all types of interactive content.

For example, our work for Jane’s involved interpreting a Powerpoint file which included guidelines on transitions, graphics and animations. We then rebuilt each Powerpoint slide in Flash, adding custom 3D icons and animations, and created an enhanced menu structure allowing for branching journeys through the presentation.

Presentations from Powerpoint templates

We can add transitions, graphics and animations to client-supplied Powepoint files. using custom menus can allow a more intuitive and user friendly navigation. We can add live content from the internet creating dynamic, immersive presentations using current data.

powerpoint to flash

Powerpoint to Flash

We can convert any Powerpoint presentation to a Flash version quickly and professionally. Ideal for placing on a web page or distributing via CD-ROM or pen drive.

DVD presentations

Multimedia and hybrid CD-ROMS

We can produce multi-platform CD-ROMS containing videos, image libraries, animations etc. CD-ROMS can access data from your web server allowing up-to-date information to be displayed. We have produced numerous CD and DVD projects for education providers, marketing agencies, healthcare companies etc.

viral video production

Web video marketing

With a huge number of internet users regularly watching video online, web video can be an excellent way of promoting your business, as well as bringing more traffic to your website. Osis can design and produce all types of video content, from live action presentations to stylised animations and graphics.

3D animation

3D Graphics and animations

For extra impact we can produce all kinds of 3D graphics and animation. We can work from supplied CAD resources, or originate new 3D models from scratch. These assets can be integrated seamlessly with other content for a truly impressive presentation.

banner animations

Animated banner adverts and screensavers

We have many years experience in creating online assets for marketing agencies, including screensavers, exhibition loops, banner adverts etc.

Immersive multimedia for business and education

With our ability to generate a wide variety of graphics and animations in-house, and years of experience of working within the interpretation industry, Osis is well placed to off a complete solution for educational projects requiring strong, immersive multimedia presentations.